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Goa’s #1 stop premium destination for unlimited fun.

‘You just do not travel’ with Champions Travel Club, your answer to all your travel woes and hidden dreams when in Goa. Experience the pleasures of travel with our range of 20+ activities which we ensure will leave you spellbound and wanting for more by the end of your vacation.

Go on, it’s good to dream before about what we have in offer regarding the multiple theme based activities that will surely keep your adrenaline pumping for more and your heart racing nonstop this vacation.

Champions Cruiser:
Redefining Yachting experience Globally


Who says yachts are just for sails? Well we broke that paradigm and bypassed the age old tradition by Redefining yachting experience Globally with the Champions Cruiser which brings to you the ultimate party yachting experience.

Be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday party or any other event, Champions Cruiser is meant to provide you with the ultimate party yacht experience.

Power Ski:


If Skateboarding is your passion then you are sure to love our Power packed Power Ski. If you are a true skateboard fan and you think you have tried it all then we have something that’s new, refreshed and is sure to blow your mind off.

Experience high speed on seas with our power ski and enjoy the twist, turns and flips, all while the seas boosts your morale with the high winds.

Jet Ski:


These mean machines can make anyone simply fall in love who has a relentless love for Speed, Adrenalin and heart pumping excitement. Built especially for those who have a personal inclination towards high speed Vehicles, Our Jet skis has proven to be one of our star attractions among tourists globally.
If you are among those who have come down to Goa not just to relax and unwind but also to revive that long forgotten pumping desire for thrill and excitement then our Jet skis throttle sure has your name embossed on it.



Ever wondered what it would be like to swim like the fish? Well, all we have to say is stop wondering and get out there and experience it yourself by walking with the fish.

With our snorkeling packages you will not waste time wishing and wondering but rather simply dive down there and have a one on one conversation with the world’s rarest and unique amphibians. Who knows… you might even land back on earth with a new best friend or stumble upon the lost city of Atlantis itself.

Scuba Diving:


For those who are tired of your boring mundane life behind that awful desk punching in numbers after numbers. This vacation head to South Goa where you can unwind yourself as you dive into nature. Experience the underwater aqua come to life and feel as if you were born to be there.

Go down further and explore the depths of the sea as you scuba dive with the world’s finest creatures.

Hummer Boats:


Someone once said you need to be rich to drive a Hummer. Well, if you are among those with that same notion then we would say it’s time to break those age old stereotype. If you want to drive a Hummer this vacation, we shall give you one in the midst of nature which is incidentally eco powered as well. But why go the age old way, let’s spice it up and get you to drive one in water. Yes! That’s right, here is your chance to spruce up your holiday with an eclectic hummer ride on water.



If Water and Heights are your favorite things in the world then Our Parasailing package activities are going to be your new life time favorite hobby. Enjoy the joys of soaring like a free bird and experience pure delight as the sea breeze caresses you with tender care and love and watch the world pass from above.

Experience it to believe it today.

Banana Boat:


Not an ardent fan of High Speed Vehicles? No Worries! We at Champions Travel Club ensure special care to provide what our customers want and that ranges with activities that suit their mood and pleasures. Jump on the banana boat with adrenaline and try not to trip over while the skipper tows the inflated raft along for your tailor made dream ride.

Wind Surfing:


They say every wave has a story to tell. Here is your exclusive chance to make a memorable story out of that wave and share the same with your friends and families. Experience the thrills of Wind Surfing with us at Champions Travel Club as you sail across the seas with the wind guiding you to tag each wave with your name.

Memories are made and not created incidentally.

Deep Sea Fishing:


What better way to enjoy a customized appetizing lunch than to fry your own catch from the Sea? If you are one amongst those who would rather sit back and enjoy the hot summer breeze while you sip onto a refreshing bottle of chilled beverage, then Deep Sea Fishing is the must to do activity you need to get into. Keep your fingers crossed as you relax and unwind under the gentle summer skies as we hope and wish you get that elusive big catch during the baiting!



There are only a few things that appeal to adventure enthusiast more than the thrill of riding on the wild waters of untamed rivers. Water rafting is indeed a fun and accessible sport that is sure to give you an adrenalin rush and wash your fears away. Don’t worry if you do not how to swim, for the best part of this sport is that anyone can go for water rafting as it’s about safety and comfort for us and our internationally manufactured life jackets will be there to protect you completely.

Sea Walking


Tired of going the same old route for your morning and evening walks. Well let’s see if we can change that activity for you. We at Champions Travel Club provide you with a one of its kind unique opportunity to go out for a Sea Walk. That’s right, explore the depths of the sea as you meet and greet exciting fishes and aquatic species all while you stick to your regular exercise regime. Now isn’t this a fun way to stay healthy and enjoy a vacation?

Water Skating


This is for all you skating enthusiasts out there. Do you think you have skated every terrain out there? Well if you have then we are pretty sure you must be bored of doing the same thing repetitively. So how about we change that monotonous routine for you and give you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of water skating.

The new Water sport activity of the season, Water Skating is growing to become one of the most famous attractions among the tourists.
Are you ready to experience the action at South Goa today? Memories are made and not created incidentally.



Experience a water sport activity that will get you out and enjoying the great outdoors! Whether you are a first timer or an experienced rower, get out discover the pristine rivers of Goa by Kayak- no matter what the weather!



Do you miss being silly and goofy like the way you were when you were a kid? Well it’s time to get that kid back out of the bag finally this holiday at Goa. Indulge yourself in some mind boggling Zorbing activities which has turned out to be the flavor of the season. Entrapped within an inflatable ball, you can roll, glide, or even topple yourself, all while you enjoy the joys had in Childhood.

Leisure Boats


Holidays have a funny way of getting you all excited and sometimes more tired than relaxed. Well, if you are amongst the first type who would like to enjoy their holidays then Leisure boats are just the thing for you. After all the excitement and adrenaline pump Relax, Rejuvenate and Reclaim your inner peace amidst the middle of nature with our ever relaxing Leisure Boats.

Go Karting


Were you among those who wished and hoped you could go racing but was always turned down? Well this vacation turn that dream into a reality with our Go Karting experience at Go Goa. Go racing with your fellow buddies and experience the thrill and excitement of racing.



Ever wanted to go for a fishing cruise down the river? Well here is your chance. With our newly arrived Pontoon Boats, you can enjoy the joys of fishing with this mean machine that is built for the looks where the size, power and torque speaks it all.



Enjoy these muddy marvelous ventures into the extremes and experience the raw power of these off road buggies! With fantastic handling and superb power these little beasts can be taken all the way down to the beach for a cozy lovers ride.



Join us to experience and explore the beauty and thrills of ATVing through the streets of Goa, which sure promises to give you an exciting trail comprising of sudden twists, turns and humpty bumps. Be the beast behind this mean machine as you explore the unexplored Goa.

Bumper Boats


It’s every man, woman and child for themselves on Bumper Boats! Come and have a wet and wild experience with our bumper boats as you Splash, bump and squirt each other playfully with our water guns.

Cycling by the beach:


It sure was one of mankind’s oldest mode of transport and still is. But when you are on a cycle with your near and dear ones, taking a trip down the beach coast, this age old inventions transforms into a magical bubble that creates unforgettable memories.

When are you Cycling at Goa then?

Horse Polo


You may find yourself drawn to the speed and challenge of one of the world most luxurious sport or to the experience of combining your passion for horses with a team sport. Either way horse polo is sure going to leave you with a precious load of memories to reminisce upon down memory lane



Who says you need to be James Franco or Tenzing Norway to climb up a Mountain?

Join us at Champions Travel Club for an extraordinary experience of Rock Climbing.



Shed those business suits away and grab that paint gun. Be the child that you thought you lost with your years of work and show that buddy of yours how great he looks with paint on him.

Join us in Champions Travel Club to get the ultimate paintball experience

Electric Skateboard


Skateboard Lover are you? Well this is just for you.

Explore the Streets of Goa with our fast and fun electric Skateboards and enjoy getting around the city with much ease.



Ride along the beach line and enjoy a breathtaking Sunset with your lady love by your side. But for a change lets leave those monotonous rides and go for Champions Style Ride with our electrified Segway.

They are a two wheeled self-balancing personal transport and are sure to blow your mind off.

Romantic Island Picnic/Dinner Package


Islands are made for romance. They're the best romantic getaways for honeymooners, a wedding anniversary or any couple's vacation where you can enjoy a beautiful natural resort, romantic restaurant, activities, and quiet for two.
From the SouthEnd to North Goa, our travel experts have found these ideas for your best romantic getaway ever. Check out Dining in the middle of water @ Champions Divar Island Yacht Club.

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